Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Three Years

Baby girl is three! How did that happen?

Actually, if I really stop to look back I do remember the last three years, and boy have they been a whirlwind. I certainly never imagined back in the days before I had my daughter just how joyful it would be and also how many tears there would be.

I have a preschooler. This is the point where I faint, right? But I'm looking over at her playing and can't help but smile. She is this little person who has such a clear personality already and it really amazes me. She's very funny and bright, running through life at full speed with great joy, and yet she can be quietly intense when she's playing on her own, showing independence to a high degree. She shows moments of pure sweetness that melts your heart.

Most times I can't stay mad at the things she does, though goodness knows there are days when I'm at my wits end! Suffice to say, I am content with things and despite all the trials (surely more to come), I know that she is a happy girl and no parent can ask for more.

We decided to cancel the party we were going to throw for her, which in hindsight turned out to be very wise. There has been so much stress lately and a party would have put me over the edge. At this point in her life, Baby Girl doesn't know what birthdays are, so it wasn't like she would be disappointed. In the end, we did something small here and yesterday had a couple of her friends over for a playdate and to share in the cupcakes I made. It was manic, but a lot of fun for everyone.

Three years of changes! Hmmm, reminds me how much I miss my red hair...

Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla-raspberry buttercream. I'm getting my buttercream recipe down to an art.

Look mama, no hands!


  1. She's gorgeous - both then and now! It sounds like the birthday celebration was just perfect. What more does a three-year-old need?

    And if you're willing to share your buttercream recipe, I'm more than willing to listen ... looks fantastic!

  2. Those cupcakes look delicious and your photos are gorgeous. Looks like your celebration was perfect for your daughter and judging by that last photo the cupcakes tasted as good as they look!


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