Friday, March 22, 2013

Small Steps

The snow is coming down furiously right now, or at least it's being driven incessantly by the strong Scottish wind that prevails around here and is currently making our hovering around zero celsius temps feel several degrees colder (yay for Arctic fronts).

My desire to step out of the house today is about, oh, nil. But that's okay, there are some chores and writing I should do and Miss K is in a decent enough mood that if the snow doesn't stop and we do stay in all day, I think I can keep her occupied fairly easily.

I still feel stuck in my head a bit right now, but I'm calmer than I have been. Resigned a bit perhaps, and I know things will continue to shift (hopefully in a positive direction). I was productive yesterday and got out in the bright sunshine, pushing the stroller with my 16 kilo child up and down the crazy hills around here.

I made it to the nursery I want her to go to, and picked up an application form. The wait list is crazy, but with her extra needs and her age, she will likely get a higher priority. I've also had some reassurance that we should qualify for the 15 hours of free nursery that all Scottish residing children are entitled to from the age of three. I've assumed given our unusual tax status that we didn't qualify, but it's a statutory guarantee so it might work out after all. But I've also come to the conclusion that even if we don't qualify for funding, we will enroll her anyway and figure out the financial end one way or another. She needs the leadup to starting school. They don't have a kindergarten year here, so throwing her into P1 (grade 1) after being at home all the time would be ridiculous given her issues.

So right now it's a matter of getting the application in asap and hoping for the best. I'm hoping she'd get in for the August term, but that might be iffy, so we'll see.

All in all, it's the small pushes that are helping me sort things out. Baby steps.


  1. I hope she gets in without any issues. And I'm glad you should qualify for the free time too!

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