Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Few Notes to Start With

Today is a good day.

It's funny the metrics we use to measure a day, since there are a vast range of descriptors one can use to describe something as varied as a day.

There is much to say and I wasn't sure if I'd get to the point where I'd lay it all down. I mean, I've been writing blog posts in my head at an alarming speed lately but by the time I get around to trying to write them down here there are gone, lost to the minutes and hours of my day with no help from my memory.

I won't do details right now, but I will later. More and more I need to sort out the myriad of stuff going on or else lose my mind.

For now, to start with, I will give you a few bullet points:

-Over the last several months I've been noticed things about my daughter's behaviour that, for lack of a better word, aren't 'typical'. At 3.5 years old, I know 2 year olds who have a more complex vocabulary than she does. I've spoken before about the way when she melts down, she tends to react with kicking and hitting. Add to that screaming and it's not a pretty picture. But all kids this age have tantrums, right?

-Miss K had her speech assessment. She is in the words of our speech therapist, (not surprisingly) "quite delayed".

-The full report paints an interesting picture which she explained to us at the assessment: Miss K's behaviours may indicated autism. In fact at the home visit, the therapist (I'll call her JC) said that not all children who display some autistic behaviours will meet enough of the criteria to fall on the Spectrum. She can't diagnose K herself, but she does believe "it is likely" that she will meet the criteria for a diagnosis on the Spectrum.

-We've been referred to Child Development, who will look at the grand scope of her behaviour and will do the autism assessment.

-Meanwhile, we have an appointment for a hearing test on April 3rd that will help clarify my original concern about possible hearing loss.

-A block of speech therapy appointments are being set up for Miss K at home so that we can work on that side of things.

To say that I'm overwhelmed is an understatement. I, however, am not terribly surprised. There are so many small things that on their own seem like nothing, but when you add them up, paint a very different picture.

My daughter is amazing and lovely. She is also challenging. The moments where she throws herself into my arms for a hug do much to ease the frustration some days and we're working hard to figure out her triggers to make our days more calm.

There are so many resources out there and it quickly gets overwhelming, but bit by bit I'm doing my research and talking to people. Once we have all the testing done, it'll be easier to know where to start. For now, we're talking it one day at a time and trying our hardest to keep our heads above water.


  1. I'm sorry things are so uncertain and complicated right now. I hope that as you get answers and work through things it will get easier.

  2. I hope this testing gets you an answer. I know how frustrating it is to undergo a boatload of testing and wait for an answer.


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