Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Holding On

I keep trying to start this post but as usual lately, the words aren't coming out well. I type a sentence and then delete it.

Miss K has stopped napping and I just have not adjusted to being on the entire day. It's exhausting. I know it's a phase and it will pass, but this on top of a cold going around the household means that I am not sleeping well.

Poor sleep = fibro + mood issues.

Add on top of that dealing with a three year old (and all the behavioural quirks) whom also has speech/language issues, and by the time 4 pm rolls around, I'm ready to curl up in a corner and admit defeat. But then there is something called dinner.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

I called Speech & Language today to see where we were at with the assessment. We're still on the waiting list and currently they are processing assessment requests from those who were referred to S&L back in March. Our referral was in August. So if they stay on that schedule, it will be around April before she gets her assessment!

With the speech issues comes difficulties with her behaviour. She's frustrated, I get that, but she lashes out by hitting, kicking and throwing stuff at us. We're doing the best we can to not get angry, but I'm rather tired of being a piƱata. I hate losing my cool, but it seems to happen more often than I like.

Anyone else dealt with a three year old with speech/language issues? I could use some coping ideas until we get our assessment and know more about exactly what Miss K's issues are. Also, activities that are good for her that don't cost much (if any) money and don't rely on being outside. She's not good with lots of directions, and it's often rainy here.

I have all these other posts I've been wanting/trying to write but I just can't seem to get there. Until I'm coping better, they're going to have to wait.


  1. Hugs! Maybe there is a forum out there that has that...like your pregnancy/loss one you belonged to. Try googling it. I bet you any money there are mom's out there dealing with this issue or similar ones.

  2. Word chart! You make a chart with flash cards of foods, etc. I used the Lakeshore Learning 75(?) card set and made them magnets with magnetic tape. It is primarily used in children with autism but my daughter's speech language pathologist recommended it. When your child brings you a card, you take it, make eye contact, and say the word. Hope that helps!

    1. That's a great suggestion and maybe one I can help with as Christmas gifts!

  3. I haven't dealt with exactly what you're going through so don't have any great words of wisdom but just wanted to let you know that I feel for you. I wonder if you could give Miss K a punching pillow and direct her to that when she starts lashing out in frustration.


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