Thursday, August 2, 2012

Photo of the Week

I have been documenting my neighbourhood through the seasons and right now it has some wonderful things happening in it. A few minutes away from my flat is a tine community centre. To be honest I have no idea what happens there, other than it was used as a polling station in the last elections here in May. But it's undergone a change in the last year. It's been cleaned up and people have planted flowers and a small vegetable garden.

I was taking photos of this poppy and a little friend flew in to say hello. A few shots later and a little pep talk with the bumblebee to ask them to cooperate and we had this one:

This is where I can't wait to have my own outdoor space again. I miss having a few pots of flowers to brighten my day.

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  1. Cute photo :) It looks lovely and bright, I bet it was a nice day.


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