Sunday, December 16, 2012


Things have been very busy around here and at the same time, not. For once I can actually say that I'm not stressed at all! But I've been sick. A bad cold bounced around the house a couple weeks ago, and I was spared. But when round two hit, we all got it hard. A week later and I still needed night time cold meds last night to ensure I got a decent night's sleep.

I've been working on a project this month, that feels far too late to announce, but I'll do it anyway, since I'm proud to be a part of it.

My good friend from Germany has written (in English) a series of four small books of christmas stories for children. They're meant to eb the kind parents read to their children all cuddled up. And even more fun is that they were created to be advent stories, one for each day leading up to Christmas. I know I'm just telling you about this now, but it's sort of just how it went.

I did the cover art (photography), and have been helping edit them. She and I write together elsewhere so I have an ability to know what she's trying to say when it doesn't translate from German into English very well. This was a last minute idea and so we've really had to hustle to get it all together.

In all honesty, the reason I think I haven't mentioned this previously is that my real name is listed under the image credit and that means it would get connected to here. It's not that I've really hidden it before, but as I start my photography business, I find myself wanting to compartmentalize how I am found. But given that my name is searchable and I'll come up anyway, my deeply personal stories on this blog and the previous one are there.

I think I'm okay with that.

They are my stories, things that happened to me, feelings I felt, thoughts I've thought. They are me, though I am more than that.

So I'm sharing this with the understanding that this brings all these pieces together and I am probably better off for it.

Introducing, a great writer, Julia B. Kinglsey! Click on her name and you'll be taken to her Amazon page where you'll see the three Christmas books that we've self-published. The fourth will be released very soon! All the books are/will be available in your country specific Amazon store for all of you with Kindles. Unfortunately, at this time it's only available for Kindle, but I think next year we might be able to change that.

So there you have it, I am still here (though I'm leaving for Canada in 2 days!!), I'm officially published, I am on the mend from my cold and jumping headfirst into realms I couldn't have imagined a few weeks ago before a dear friend called me excitedly with an idea.

And because I love my friend Jules so much, please stop by her website: and check out her Facebook page.


  1. Awesome Awesome!

    a) Wow and Congrats to you and Julia.
    b) Cold Cold, go away!
    c ) Have fun in Canada!

  2. Congratulations, to you and to your friend! The covers look beautiful - you really captured Christmas.

  3. Congratulations! That is such exciting news and the books look stunning! Well done - and I hope you are feeling better soon!


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